4 Camping Health Tips You May Not Have Thought Of


CampingCamping is great summer fun, especially as we head toward fall and hot summer days start to burn off into something a little cooler.

But health and safety should still be priority one, so here are 4 things to remember:

1) Brain Eating Amoebas are still a concern. All over the south, Kansas, and even as far north as North Dakota, swimmers in lakes and rivers have caught amoebas that cause deadly infections. They’re rare enough you shouldn’t let them ruin your summer fun, but you should be on the lookout for any mental changes that might signal an infection. Immediately seeking treatment is key.

2) Stay away from wildlife, even the small and fuzzy types. Ticks that carry Lyme Disease in the east, fleas that carry plague in Colorado… there’s not a shortage of diseases (and even parasites) that you can catch. Keep food where it won’t be tempting, and keep pets away from wildlife.

3) Make sure you’re up to date on allergy care. Camping can take you far away from emergency services—and if you hadn’t seen the headlines, many doctors have changed recommendations due to recent tragic headlines. One of the main changes is that you may need far more EpiPens than was previously recommended—but you should talk to your doctor.

4) Don’t forget to pack colloidal silver, extra water, your first aid kit, some extra non-perishable food, road flares, blankets, etc. You can never be too prepared (after all, who wants to be the hiker on the news that needed rescuing after getting in over their heads?). And don’t forget something to repel mosquitoes!

What are your summer camping plans?


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