With fires and floods causing more travel around the country as people relocate, the start of flu season is poised to be explosive. Now’s the time to take as many precautions as possible.

The basics may seem obvious, hearing about them may seem redundant, but the bottom line is, they’re cheap, easy, and they work. Hand washing, the most basic practice of all, is the single most effective thing you can do to stop the spread of cold and flu. Other very helpful tricks: keep it humid, a humidifier can help slow flu from spreading within your home, and take illness seriously to both avoid and stop its spread.
Then get some extra support from colloidal silver. You can use it as a daily supplement for immune support. You can use it to boost the quality of your daily sinus rinse by adding a few drops, you can use it as the basis of a sinus flood to help with runny noses and deep congestion, and you can use it to safely nebulize to support your lungs against coughing and more.

In addition to the extra travel helping to spread cold and flu, experts use Australia as a predictor for America’s flu season. This year, Australia’s flu season has been bad, with high rates of hospitalizations and mortalities. The bright side is if that prediction is right, the flu shot is more likely to have the right strains in it. Of course, it’s still not the most effective vaccine out there, but for people with a high-risk of flu exposure (like hospital workers) every little bit helps.

What tricks do you use to prevent cold and flu?


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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