In the Northern Hemisphere, we look to Australia for a forecast of what our winter flu season will look like. What happens in Australia influences things like which strains go in the flu shot—which is sometimes accurate, sometimes not.

Spring here, fall there. As we look to summer, they look to winter, and it’s barely time for Australian flu season to start—but it’s already rip-roaring with deaths and hospitalizations. If that’s our forecast, schedule time on your calendar to sit down and prepare for North American flu season next fall—maybe a day in August or right away in September.

Check your flu prevention—stocked up on tissues? Humidifier working? Lots of immune support, from colloidal silver, to a nebulizer, sinus flooding kit, and maybe some prepped ingredients for chicken noodle soup in the freezer? Whatever gets you through flu season, have it ready to go when the weather starts to turn!

A prediction isn’t a guarantee, and there’s still time for the Australian flu season to fizzle out to something more mild—but it’s nice to have the warning, and a chance to prepare.

On the other hand, if you’re taking a trip to either Australia or New Zealand this summer—pack extra immune support. Throw some colloidal silver in your checked bag, and maybe a sinus flooding kit to use proactively. If you have a weakened immune system, plan your trip carefully. Remember that getting on an airplane has a 1 in 4 correlation with getting a respiratory illness later the same week.

Preparing is worth a lot—take the opportunity to make sure you’re ready when fall comes around! Make sure you have plenty of colloidal silver and other supplies.


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