My husband has a sinus infection/cold. He caught it from his friend at the end of last week, who he saw again the other night. This friend is at the doctor every week it seems, so I only half blame him for prescribing him some antibiotics and kicking him out the door. I mean, there aren’t enough doctors to go around, and it is cold and flu season. But still.

When my husband saw him last, this friend was pretty much trying to shove some of his amoxicillin down his throat. “You have to take it to get better!”

So many problems with this.

First, I’ll just quickly mention people really shouldn’t share prescriptions. If you don’t finish your antibiotic prescription, you are likely contributing to the development of superbugs. And sharing doesn’t count! Plus, what if my husband was allergic?

Second, the VAST majority of sinus infections are viral. 80%, to be precise. Unless his doctor took a nose swab and a test said different, he should absolutely not have prescribed antibiotics. Doctors give them out like placebos! (And friend has been sick for over a week—reasonable evidence that those antibiotics aren’t working and it’s a virus).

Finally, husband is at home, resting, and letting his immune system do its thing. He takes MesoSilver daily, and has upped that to three times since symptoms appeared. He hasn’t been as sick as his friend, and is already feeling better! He also used our sinus kit to do a rinse—that really helped him to get some sleep without having it disrupted by coughing and a runny nose.

All this to say: please remember antibiotics rarely are the treatment for a sinus infection. The only thing you can do is rest and support your immune system. You can also help clear a runny nose by doing a sinus flood. When we’re sick we find we need it most in the morning—to clear build up from lieing down—and before sleeping so we don’t have to deal with that slow, torturous drip.

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