I think the best kinds of studies are the ones that confirm simple truths. For example, a study has found that most recurrent bladder infections can be prevented by drinking more water. Drinking water to prevent (and help treat) bladder and other UTI infections is already folk wisdom, but with this study, there’s no excuse to ignore it.

Add in some more folk wisdom, and start your day with a little colloidal silver, too. Help support your immune system, and your urinary tract, as it fights off infections.

What causes urinary tract infections? Inversely, you could say that not enough water is a cause of UTIs, too. Water both dilutes waste and bacteria, and triggers more frequent urination to dispel that waste. Even if you’re drinking water, it needs to be proportional to your activity level, too. If you’re exercising or in the hot sun you still might end up dehydrated and cooking a bladder infection.

Another cause: external bacteria. Women have a shorter urethra than men, so they have a shorter distance for the bacteria to travel and cause infection. Frequent urination helps, too. And men aren’t immune to UTIs, so they should stay hydrated, too.

If you end up with a UTI (after an active day without water, or only bacteria feeding sugar drinks) drinking plenty of water still helps. Cranberry juice (real, straight cranberry juice, neither watered down nor with sugar added) theoretically makes things inhospitable for the bacteria. And keep up that other great support that’s been a part of folk wisdom for millennia, colloidal silver.

Small issues like urinary tract infections are great in a sense, because they really illustrate how much of your health is in your own hands, and empower you to make choices to support your health.

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