Young WomanHere’s a question that’s been coming into the blog: can you (and how should you) use colloidal silver if you have a yeast infection/HPV other vaginal infection or STI?

Colloidal silver is meant to be an immune supporting oral supplement. Like the GI tract, the vagina relies on beneficial bacteria for its immune defense. Also like the GI tract, antibiotics can kill those good bacteria and make room for a yeast infection (and of course, there are plenty of other ways for it to get infected, and some people are just extra yeasty).

Taking colloidal silver as a supplement is a great idea, and just like with antibiotics, so is taking a probiotic. But the question we’re getting is: should I apply it topically to my delicates?

Generally, no. You want those good bacteria to thrive (I know some people say colloidal silver won’t kill good bacteria, but I’ve never seen the science behind that. Kind of like with weeds, what constitutes good vs. bad bacteria is relative. What protects your GI tract can also cause cavities!).

Not generally: I can think of extreme cases where I would do it were it me: an extreme, hard to kick infection, open sores (especially any kind that is oozing pus, which could spread the disease to other body parts without active prevention), or a disease with severe symptoms. But absolutely don’t do it on a regular basis.

Now, while we’re on the subject, I’ve heard women claim topically applying yogurt works great for yeast infections, but I’m pretty sure that’s not recommended by medical professionals, and I’ve never seen anything else about it, so I’m in no way recommending it. But I know that if you are in an internet forum populated with women, this home remedy for yeast infections will come up. If you think that sounds like a good idea, get natural yogurt with no added sugar, honey or other flavored yogurt. Sugar feeds yeast.

Here’s a better twist on that idea: just get a probiotic supplement instead, since there’s fewer ingredients to worry about. Vaginal bacteria is same/similar to stomach bacteria: it’s actually one of the reasons vaginal birth benefits babies—it helps them start life with a good set of probiotics to grow colonies from.

Now, as far as external genitalia, I can think of more situations where topical use of colloidal silver might be an idea (no good bacteria here to worry about!). Colloidal silver is traditionally used to treat burns, so sunburn, waxing rash/burn, etc.

What other questions can I answer about colloidal silver and lady parts? (Or men’s!)


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