Conditional Approval for Nano Silver


Nano could reduce odor causing bacteria in work-out clothes.

The EPA has approved its first nano silver product. A silver silicon compound, it’s designed to give long lasting antimicrobial resistance to clothes and other fabric materials, which in turn reduces smells, staining, and other bacteria-caused problems

While the company is being held responsible for producing more tests demonstrating not just the safety of nano silver but of their silver compound (particularly with concern for employees in their factory), the nano silver product has a four year conditional period during which the EPA anticipates that, even at the maximum possible dosage (if all the silver were to come out of the product at once), “there is a low probability of adverse risk to children and the environment”.

Preliminary animal studies also had positive results: “There were no mortalities or abnormalities in test animals after administration … by oral, dermal, and inhalation routes. According to EPA’s Decision Document, [there was] moderate to no irritation to the skin and eyes of test animals, and [it] was not a skin sensitizer.” And that was specifically for the silver-silicon compound, not just silver in general.

Of course, having all your household products containing nano silver could be a huge problem for anyone with a silver allergy, but there doesn’t seem to be any other adverse health effects of nano silver, despite all the unproven speculation.

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