Are You Supporting Healthy Teeth?


You brush, you floss, but is it enough? Indeed, there’s more you could be doing to keep your smile bright and healthy. Make sure you’re up to date on all the latest tips and research on healthy teeth!

Is brushing doing more harm than good? You should brush 2-3 times a day, but timing is everything. For instance, brush before you eat, and not after (at least not for about half an hour). You want teeth clean and protected before you start chewing, and to avoid grinding food particles into teeth by brushing after. Never brush after vomiting—instead,  rinse your mouth with water; you can neutralize it with a bit of baking soda mixed with water if you need to.

Charcoal is all the rage, but it’s not backed by studies and some brands have been found to be hard on teeth.

Damaged teeth will slowly heal, to an extent. Keep your body stocked on calcium with a regular supplement like Cal Mag Complete, and help your body fight germs with colloidal silver (you don’t need to take more than you already are, but you can get more from it by swishing before you swallow).

Method wars: should you floss, scrape, use mouthwash, or what? Companies are competing for your purchase with advertising, but there’s room for everyone. Everyone has different genes and germs, and different teeth and problems. Find what’s right for you—a hard bristle brush is probably wrong if you have weak enamel, but not if you’re prone to lots of build up; while both floss and mouthwash are trying to reach between your teeth, your teeth size/crowding might be better suited for one, the other, or even both. There’s no universal answer.

Drinking more water (especially after eating), and fighting mouth germs (with colloidal silver, mouthwash, or both) are strategies that work for everyone. Start broad then build a routine that works for you.


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