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Musty Fall Odors

When it gets colder and wetter, conditions start to be ripe for musty, stuffy homes. The burning smell of dust the first time the heater kicks on, wet boots sitting by the door, more time spent indoors (and more bodies indoors, not all of whom agree on the temperature, so while it may be cold out sometimes people will find themselves sweating indoors!), and don’t forget pets dragging in all the molding leaves, mud, and other earthy smells—combining everything together for a very… heavy indoor smell. Don’t be embarrassed by musty smells this fall, help keep your home fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray

Fresh cookies, pies, crock-pot meals, cinnamon, trees, and cider are all good indoor smells. Make sure they come through with no musk by being proactive about your home.

Once upon a time, linens would get thoroughly changed with the seasons. Curtains, rugs, and everything else cloth got dusted or deep-cleaned. Now, if it can’t be thrown in the washing machine or it doesn’t have some accident requiring a trip to the dry cleaners, then curtains, table cloths, rugs, and more might go years without proper cleaning. If you can’t schedule a cleaning, freshen it up with Smelly Shoe Spray (always do a discreet test patch to check for discoloration).

Some household fabrics, even with frequent cleaning, are too heavily used to keep up with. Pet beds, gym bags, and linen laundry baskets might be holding onto odors that spread through your home. Smelly Shoe Spray can help keep luggage and other bags, pet beds and fresher. (Spray when pets aren’t using it and let it air out–don’t spray pets directly).

Make sure to take advantage of nice days. It was a hot summer, so you may have kept things closed up while the air conditioner ran. Now that it’s cool, take advantage and open the windows and enjoy the fresh air!

And while Smelly Shoe Spray works on more than shoes, it’s good to keep things basic! Keep shoes fresh after you’ve sweat in them, stepped in puddles, and spent all day in them.

With just two simple ingredients—peppermint oil and colloidal silver—Smelly Shoe Spray work in two ways to fight odor; first it masks it with peppermint, then it kills the germs that cause it with colloidal silver. 


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