You’re not imagining it; people are still coming down with the flu. This is the longest flu season in a decade at 21+ weeks, thanks to a second flu strain that started circulating in February. While the first strain that started in the fall was well-matched to this year’s vaccine, the February strain is not—so it’s important to keep up with your immune support, like taking colloidal silver daily.

The flu isn’t the sniffles. It’ll knock you down and steal a week—with fever, aches, malaise, chills, and sometimes nausea and congestion. Rest and self-care are all that you can really do once you catch the flu (although extreme cases may need hospital level support).

When it comes to the flu, it’s all about prevention, and our key weapons are pretty basic: hand-washing, bumping up humidity levels, avoiding sick people, and preventative self-care. Missing sleep, having a cheat day on your healthy diet, or letting stress build up may not seem like a big deal, but those things weaken your immune system, so if you’re exposed to the flu you’re more likely to catch it than fight it off.

In addition to basic prevention, you can use colloidal silver to support your immune system. And if you’re already sick, it’s not too late to get support from colloidal silver—not only can you take it as immune support, you can use a bit in your sinus rinse, use it for a full sinus flood, or put it in a nebulizer for targeted respiratory support.

Stay up on flu prevention through May and maybe even June. Make sure you have enough colloidal silver for the whole household.


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