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You may think of yourself as cleanly, but if you’re regularly using make-up, these common mistakes may have you rubbing bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more all over your face. This can contribute to rosacea, acne, pink eye… and potentially worse, like another flu cycle or cold. Luckily, colloidal silver can help support you through make-up health blunders.

The first make-up mistake is not knowing make-up has an expiration date. While make-up doesn’t spoil the same way food does, it does have antimicrobials to keep bacteria you may introduce from growing, and those expire (usually after about a year). Combined with dead skin cells that may get rubbed in, after about a year it might be silently growing any number of germs.

The next mistake is reusing disposables like blenders too many times. Porous or spongey objects can really hold in bacteria and you’re rubbing them all over your skin, and sometimes dipping them in make-up. You can clean them to last longer, but beware how, how much, and how long you use them.

The biggest mistake is not thoroughly cleaning your tools. Brushes, eyelash tools, and more can become good repositories for germs, and a nice set can last you years. Don’t just rinse them, regularly do a thorough job getting the germs and make-up off. It’s better for your skin and can help your tools and make-up to last longer.

And remember, many winter illnesses leave you contagious for longer than you have symptoms (sometimes months). There are more than average skin germs that can accumulate!

To help right your make-up wrongs, use colloidal silver. You can use it as a toner on your skin before applying make-up to help with acne, rosacea, and any germs your make-up is introducing. You can also spray your tools to help them against germ retention.

Make-up is meant to help your looks, not create more blemishes. Make sure you’re taking care of your skin with good make-up habits and support from colloidal silver.


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