Couple With RVCatching up with long-distance friends and family via camper? Seeing the great outdoors along the way? Don’t arrive for a visit a hot mess. Make sure you use a few simple steps to arrive with grace and style.

First, Travelling With Pets?

Keep them in a kennel. Mostly, it’s a safety issue. To keep the driver from being distracted, and to keep them from getting flung and injured in the event of an accident. Kennels may help with nausea, too (or at least contain the mess).

Watch pets closely whenever you stop off near nature. While it’s not uncommon for animals to let curiosity get them into trouble (skunks, eating someone else’s food trash, etc.), other problems like ticks, or wildlife that isn’t so friendly can come up too.

And support pet’s immune systems, too, with just a spritz of colloidal silver in their water bowls. Dog flu is still going in some areas, and then there are other diseases and stomach upsets to consider. Keeping your pet healthy will make for a better trip for everyone.

Next, Contain Odors

Pets, turning off AC to make it over hills or conserve gas, crashing after a hike, and just a long, fun trip seeing the sights can take a toll on your drapes, clothes, cloth seats, pet bed, bags… even that growing pile of laundry!

A quick and occasional spritz of Smelly Shoe Spray (not just for shoes!) helps take care of, and even prevent odors. With an immediate burst of peppermint, it goes on to fight odor causing bacteria.

When you show up at someone’s house, you’ll be ready to show off your home-away-from-home, and when you ask to do laundry, you won’t be bringing in something that smells fermented.

And Keep Yourself In Good Form, Too

Travelling, even for vacation, is hard on the immune system. Time changes, diet changes, maybe even less sleep. Enjoy your vacation more and arrive ready for fun by keeping your immune system strong. Try colloidal silver, and making sure you rest when needed. Also remember to eat healthy, despite the temptations of exciting local fare.

What are your favorite RVing spots?


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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