Build Good Habits For The Bad Times


When you’re stressed, whether you’re sick, caring for someone who’s sick, giving up sleep for work, or just worried—research says, you fall back to familiar habits, whether their good or bad.

Part of the reason is that people only have a certain amount of willpower—your ability to make decisions goes away if it’s taxed too much, and you fall into old patterns. That’s why it’s important to build good patterns now!

5 Healthy habits to start now, so you can fall back on them later:

-Eat healthy. That doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert, just that you need to build the habit of having a nutritious meal at least once a day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Load it with fruits and veggies, whole grains, and a lean protein, and choose something easy since that will make sticking to it simpler.

-Move. Any exercise is better than none. An evening walk, a lunchtime stroll, morning yoga, fall into the habit now of getting your body moving at least once a day.

-Take your vitamins. You don’t want to forget them when your sick, so make taking them a habit you don’t have to even think about! Having trouble? Put them next to something you’re already doing daily—your coffee pot, your toothbrush etc…

-While you’re at it, make sure you’re supporting your immune system with colloidal silver. It’s another thing that you don’t want to forget when you’re sick.

-Finally, do something that supports your mental health. Yoga, meditation, reading, writing, or talking to a friend. Make sure that when you’re stressed, you have a habit in place to take care of you!

What habits do you want to build for the hard times?


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