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Flu season is predicted to hit early and hard this year gauged by Australia’s flu season, the still unexplained double flu season we had last year, and other signs of the flu (there’s already been a flu death this year). Are you ready to prevent flu symptoms with support from colloidal silver and more?

One of the most effective ways to prevent is hand-washing. Wash frequently and properly throughout the day and avoid touching your face, and you’ll cut your risk of catching the flu. Proper hand-washing means thoroughly scrubbing (ideally up to your elbow or sleeve) for 20 seconds (you can mentally sing “Happy Birthday” for a count). While hand sanitizer will do in a pinch, research has shown that soap and running water do a better job at removing the flu from your hands.

What are flu symptoms? They match up with symptoms for other viruses, they just hit much harder: aches, fever, chills, malaise, fatigue, and just generally feeling awful are the main flu symptoms, and they come on quickly. While some people confuse influenza with stomach flu, vomiting is not often a symptom, although signs of respiratory infection are, like coughing, sneezing, and mucus (excess mucus is often what leads to vomiting with the flu).

This flu season, do your best to prevent flu symptoms with good self-care, including immune support with colloidal silver. People with weakened immune systems get the worst flu symptoms and need to be the most on top of prevention. Chronic illness, bad habits (lack of sleep, bad eating, stress, etc.), and age can contribute to a weakened immune system. 

The main way to care for flu symptoms is with rest and continued immune support. Drink lots of clear liquids like water and broth, and sleep as much as you can starting with the first symptom.


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