Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver?


You may already take colloidal silver to support your immune system, support healthy skin and wound healing, and more. It’s natural to wonder if it could also help your furry pets—can dogs take colloidal silver? Can cats take colloidal silver? And if dogs can take colloidal silver, will it help? What about their skin?

Let’s explore if dogs can take colloidal silver (and cats!), as well as how, and why!

Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver?

The short answer is yes! 

Just like humans, dogs can take colloidal silver. Also just like humans, “can dogs take colloidal silver” should be answered in a specific and personal way, and not just a general one. Like humans, dogs can have allergies, or have a harder time with some foods, or other quirks. Almost all dogs can take colloidal silver just fine, but you should always pay attention when giving your dog something new—a food, colloidal silver, a medicine—in case it doesn’t work for them.

So, yes dogs can take colloidal silver, but always start extra small with new things and watch how things go. In most cases, things will go well!

When Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver?

The answer to when can dogs take colloidal silver is pretty much the same as it is for humans: dogs can take colloidal silver only when they need an extra immune boost, or they can take a little every day for ongoing support.

When deciding when can dogs take colloidal silver, consider your dogs needs. A rescue dog will likely need extra support for the first few months while they heal from any health issues they came with. Older dogs, like older humans, can benefit from ongoing support as problems are more likely to come up. Dogs who spend a lot of time outside, in their own backyard or on walks and hikes, are also more likely to catch illness (dogs can get Lyme Disease from tick bites, among other things).

Can Cats Take Colloidal Silver?

If you weren’t wondering “can dogs take colloidal silver”, then you may have been curious about cats. The same rules apply: cats can take a small amount of colloidal silver, just like dogs. Just make sure to start small and watch how they do.

Animals can’t tell us how they’re feeling, so changes in scratching, coughing, energy levels, bathroom habits, etc. are the clues we have to look for. This is when animals need a little extra help, like immune supporting colloidal silver.

When Can Cats Take Colloidal Silver?

Cats can take colloidal silver as needed or a little every day for support.

While the same consideration as to when can dogs take colloidal silver apply, like outside cats and older cats likely needing more support, cats bring an additional consideration: communicable diseases.

A household with a positive cat needs to make sure other cats are protected with things like separate water bowls and litter boxes, depending on the type of virus. Colloidal silver is extra support for all the cats in your household.

How Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver? (And Cats Too!)

Can dogs take colloidal silver by mouth? Yes! The easiest way to give dogs or cats colloidal silver is to add just a little (like a few drops, but it really depends on how big your dog is) to their water bowl. As summer approaches, a little colloidal silver in their outside water bowl will also help to keep it fresh.

There are other ways cats and dogs can take colloidal silver, too. Skin problems can be hard to treat in dogs and cats, but colloidal silver offers gentle support. Silver has been a known way to support healthy skin in humans for centuries, and is even used today in bandages and creams. Colloidal silver is a more versatile, higher quality way (more pure) to harness the skin supporting power of silver.

You can spray colloidal silver onto skin, moisten a bandage with it, or pretty much do anything else you might come up with. We’ve had more than a few vets pick up colloidal silver for their offices, and it’s been used to help treat sinus and respiratory issues in pets (but don’t do anything you don’t already know how to do, just add it into your routine).

Why Should Dogs Take Colloidal Silver? (Or Cats?)

Dogs and cats get sick, too. They get weak with age. They’re more likely to be exposed to illness from ticks, mosquitoes, and more just walking through your yard then you, or from greeting another dog or cat. And it’s harder to pick up the early symptoms of illness.

Not only can dogs take colloidal silver (and cats!), but taking it regularly is great ongoing immune support.

Start supporting your dogs and cats with colloidal silver today.


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