Neti pots have become somewhat mainstream, they show up on film and TV, and are more commercially available then ever. A sinus rinse can be a great daily way to support your sinuses… but if you get an infection, or have bad cold and flu symptoms, you need to do more. That’s when a sinus flood comes in.

A sinus rinse is exactly like it sounds, a quick wash of the sinuses. A sinus flood isn’t so quick, and it’s much more thorough. If you’re blocked up, a sinus flood gets through and loosens stuff up. If you’ve got an infection, a sinus flood gets everywhere, front to back.

Here’s how it works: first you prepare a sinus flooding solution. While distilled water may be good enough for a rinse, a sinus flood is doing more for longer, and reaching more places, so you need a power boost. Colloidal silver helps boost the immune system and is safe to use in the sinuses. Adding a little xylitol helps adjust the pH so that it’s comfortable.

Next, get comfortable hanging your head upside down over a towel. Make sure you’re not over extending your neck.

Then add the colloidal silver-xylitol mixture, and set a timer for 2-3 minutes. You’ll feel your sinuses react by making mucus. By the time you get to the next step (carefully rolling over to your stomach so everything sits on your sinus’ front for another 2-3 minutes) there might even be some bubbles and overflowing, which is why a towel is important.

Have some tissue for when you’re done. If you’re very congested, you may not have fit as much liquid as it felt like, but a lot of mucus may start coming out. Over the next 45 minutes, blow your nose, then get ready to repeat the sinus flood.

The second sinus flood will get more liquid in your sinuses, and help to thoroughly tackle any issue. If you felt a little better after part 1, you’ll see a bigger difference after step 2. If you weren’t that congested for part 1, you’ll just help yourself make progress more quickly by still doing step 2.

All in all, it’s actually a fairly quick procedure, two 10 minute sets of work 45 minutes apart.

Before work, before bed, a sinus flood is the best way to relieve symptoms of sinus infections and congestion from cold or flu like pain, discomfort, stuffiness, runny nose, and more.

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