Coffee Boosts Libido For Men And Women


Couple KissingResearch shows that coffee drinkers are more likely to have the energy (and ability) for intimacy than non-coffee drinkers.

For men, everyone but people with diabetes experienced fewer instances of problems like erectile dysfunction with 2 cups a day. For women, 1 cup of coffee was enough for them to report more instances of intimacy.

1-2 cups of coffee a day, according to numerous studies, may have numerous benefits, for liver health, memory, and more. 4 cups or more is when coffee starts to cause negative effects, from cardiovascular stress to insomnia.

And of course, there are other natural libido boosters other than coffee (if you want to avoid the caffeine!).

Funnily enough, a lot of the things you may already be doing to keep your immune system strong will help boost libido, because your body like for everything else to be functioning properly before kicking things off.

That means getting enough sleep, managing stress, not drinking or smoking too much/at all, eating healthy foods, and exercising. Even colloidal silver supporting your immune system may help, because who feels intimate when they have a cold? And it’s always a good idea to have immune system support, especially if you’ll be doing something that may expose you to more pathogens.

Boosting your energy and supporting your mind (and all the things it affects) with colloidal gold may help too. If you’re already supporting focus and other mental traits with colloidal gold, you can smile inwardly to yourself that you’re supporting a healthy libido, too.

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