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Everyone with asthma has a slightly different experience—how frequently asthma attacks happen, how bad asthma symptoms are chronically, and they might have similar, but varying triggers to asthma attacks. If you want to naturally, gently support your health and lungs each day, consider colloidal silver. Asthma is often caused by inflammation in the lungs, which can lead to many complications, like more frequent illness. Colloidal silver supports the immune system, and can even be used to directly support the lungs against illness.

It’s not comparable to your inhaler. Colloidal silver asthma support is about supporting the big picture of the effects of asthma—like increased risk for illness, and a chronically weakened immune system.

Support Lung Health with Colloidal Silver

During the winter, everyone is at an increased risk for winter illnesses from viruses that cause cold, flu, and RSV, among other diseases. Everyone can benefit from colloidal silver! Asthma sufferers have it even worse—their lungs and their immune system are already burdened, and a little extra support can go even further!

You can use colloidal silver as a daily oral supplement to support your immune system. It’s also safe to use in your nebulizer—one in vitro study even verified that silver is safe for lung cells. Doing both—daily colloidal silver immune support plus occasional colloidal silver nebulizer use (based on personal need) can help you stay supported against illness.

Colloidal silver has no known drug interactions, so it’s safe to use alongside your current medications.

Colloidal Silver Asthma Complimentary Support

While there are many possible triggers for asthma, from just being too active to inhaling certain allergens—one common underlying problem is inflammation. Inflammation in the lungs causes your bronchial tubes to be narrow, making it harder to breathe. It also makes it more likely that bacteria will collect and grow, making infection more likely!

Colloidal silver supports your immune system as it fights to keep lungs clear. In addition to other more specific asthma treatment, you can get general immune support from colloidal silver. Asthma sufferers often use colloidal silver in a nebulizer for more targeted support for their whole respiratory system.

When breathing is always a little difficult, any extra clearing of the bronchial tubes makes a big difference! Supporting the body against further inflammation and infection is important, with healthy habits, and with extra support from colloidal silver. Asthma means more than just momentary constricted breathing!

A Nebulizer and Colloidal Silver—Asthma Secondary Symptoms

During the winter, people with asthma are far more likely to need to visit an ER. The inflammation constricting the airways makes it far more likely for asthma sufferers to develop infections like colds, flu, pneumonia and more, and far more likely for common illnesses like colds to be serious! That’s why it’s helpful to have generic immune support like colloidal silver. Asthma can make winters hard—so take preventative steps to protect yourself.

With a nebulizer, you can take deep breaths to help get colloidal silver into your lungs where your immune system is fighting off bacteria and viruses. But a nebulizer also helps colloidal silver reach other parts of your respiratory system, like the nose, sinuses, and throat—where some infections start before heading to the lungs.

If you have severe sinus issues, tackle that congestion with gentler removal and immune support by using our Sinus Flooding Kit. This puts colloidal silver directly into the nose/sinus where the liquid loosens gunk while you also get direct support with colloidal silver. Asthma sufferers sometimes have sinus issues, sometimes not, with colloidal silver, you can make a support plan that’s right for you.

Ongoing Support with Colloidal Silver—Asthma is a Chronic Condition

The whole body and immune system is supported by colloidal silver. Asthma sufferers have a chronically weakened immune system.

Any injury or illness is going to keep the immune system busy, and asthma is a chronic illness in a sensitive part of the body. Imagine doing something—like cooking—one handed or with a big distraction. Or maybe imagine cooking multiple meals at once—there’s a limit to how much you can do! The same is true of your immune system. Each battle to keep you healthy—whether it’s a cut where it’s preventing infection, a cold, or something chronic like asthma is something that’s keeping your immune system busy.

Even if you have mild asthma symptoms, get daily immune support from colloidal silver. Asthma is keeping the immune system busy, fighting back germs that want to accumulate in those constricted pipes—having extra support for your body can only help!

Colloidal silver asthma support is just another tool for you too use—in addition to other healthy habits (like avoiding colds and other asthma triggers).


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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