Colloidal Silver – The Big Differences


Over the past several years we have seen interest in Colloidal Silver as a dietary supplement grow rapidly. We have hundreds of new customers each month and also notice there are several new suppliers of silver products entering the market.

As your option for choice grows, it is important to understand the basics of these products offered under the umbrella of “Colloidal Silver”. Many of these products are solutions of silver ions which, if properly scientifically classified would be labeled as “ionic silver”. They are not colloidal suspensions, however, the manufacturers of these products want you to believe they are colloidal silver and so that is how they are labeled. Once inside the human body, silver ions join rapidly with chloride ions (these are naturally present in the human body) forming silver chloride, an insoluble salt. This insoluble salt is removed from the body primarily via urine and sweat.

Other products in the market are solutions of mild silver protein. Mild silver protein products have been known to contain live bacteria, due in part to the fact that the large protein molecules encapsulate the silver particles, thus keeping them from making contact with the bacteria. In a true colloidal suspension consisting of only purified water and silver particles, this will not happen.

We have also seen wide ranges of price for different products under the “Colloidal Silver” umbrella. We know that all it takes to make a batch of ionic silver is some water, some silver wire, and a DC battery. This is essentially what you get when purchasing a “Generator”. The reality about making your own product with a generator is that you have little or no process control, nor do you have any means to test the final product. A recent widely publicized case of argyria involved a man making ionic silver in his home with a generator. To our knowledge there has never been a case of argyria reported from a person using true colloidal silver. But, getting back to the point of product cost, it really does cost very little to make a solution of silver ions, the problem is you have no idea of what you are really getting.

Before you buy, you may want to do some research or, at least, ask some questions. A few pertinent questions might be:

1. What are the contents of the product?
2. What is the percentage of ions versus silver particles?
3. What is the particle diameter (goes directly to the effectiveness, smaller is better).
4. What types of quality testing is performed to assure product quality?

You will find the colloidal products provided by Colloids for Life, are superior to any other product in the market. You will also discover that with effectiveness at roughly 3 times that of the closest competitor, Mesosilver is by far the most economical as well.

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