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The common cold has already been making the rounds this year. How do you know if you have cold symptoms? And did you know you can get the common cold more than once? Get ready for the common cold this year—avoid it, get through it, and try not to get it more than once!

Cold symptoms come on slow. It may start as a tickle in the throat, a sniffle, or the creep of malaise—tiredness, body aches, and general soreness. (Meanwhile, the flu hits hard and fast). RSV (respiratory syntactical virus) resembles common cold symptoms, with two differences: first, RSV causes way more mucus to form, and coughing/clearing that mucus may take months (and you’re contagious with it for months); second, RSV is far more serious for people with weakened immune systems, like infants, people with chronic conditions, and the elderly. For them, RSV symptoms don’t resemble common cold symptoms, they get a much more severe respiratory infection.

Common Cold

There are hundreds of viruses that cause what we call the “common cold”, although rhinovirus is the most common. This family of viruses mutates quickly, making it hard for either medicine or the immune system to fight them off. People working on a cure for the common cold work to disrupt the virus in other ways, either striking more internally or starving it within the body.

Because there are so many causes of the common cold, you can catch it multiple times, even within the same season. While it may not seem as important to quarantine yourself with common cold symptoms because they are usually mild, colds can come back around to you! 

Prevention of the common cold starts with you—stay home when you’re sick, and try and create conditions where coworkers can stay home when sick. If you start to have symptoms of the common cold, stay home and rest. Get immune support from colloidal silver, and other healthy habits. Support your body beating back common cold symptoms as soon as they start for a milder, shorter illness.


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