Thailand has an outbreak of Dengue Fever, one of the tropical illnesses carried by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. You may not be planning on visiting Thailand, but based on past years there’s a good chance this indicates Dengue will be in other tropical places around the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii and Mexico.

Dengue Fever is a painful virus with no real treatment or prevention (other than avoiding areas with Aedes aegypti). Like other viral infections, people are advised to rest and stay hydrated, with the added warning to avoid aspirin and other anticoagulants.

Besides being inconvenient to travel plans (not only can it ruin your trip, but you’re advised not to suffer through a flight with it), Dengue and other tropical illnesses become more concerning when you’ve already had one, or the vaccine for one. Once you’ve had Dengue or Yellow Fever or their related illnesses, you’re immune for life—at the cost of having severe symptoms if you catch another tropical virus!

Efforts are being made to wipe out Aedes aegypti, but all it takes is a small reservoir for the mosquito, and the illnesses, to bounce back (as happened in Hawaii a few years ago). Aedes aegypti thrives in close contact with humans, and can even travel easily in a suitcase (which is why it hops around the Pacific so easily).

What you can do—check news for any tropical climate you’re visiting so you can be prepared. Stay somewhere with air conditioning (which helps prevent Aedes aegypti from being under the bed). Support your immune system with colloidal silver (a good idea even if you aren’t going somewhere tropical, as just getting on a plane greatly increases your risk of a respiratory illness!).

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