Sick Woman In Bed With TissuesHaving a good Thanksgiving weekend? Here’s to a happy time all throughout December and into the New Year!

But it might take a little effort. There’s always that relative that picked up a bug on the airplane. Or the one who seems sick every year. Or maybe with the long day of parades, football, and chatting, the fruit salad set out a little too long. Sometimes, the turkey comes out a bit of a mess (don’t worry, it will be funny in a few years). Or the stress kicks in post holiday, and it all hits you.

Whatever the weak link is, get your guard up. Make sure you have extra immune support, and are ready to celebrate the season.

First, don’t power through it. If you wake up with a frog in your throat, a sniffle, or with exhaustion—take it easy. As good as the deals may be, it will cost you more to inflame an illness than to help your body take care of it right away (and there’s always cyber Monday!).

Then, take care of yourself. Clear fluids, lots of protein, a multivitamin to cover your nutritional bases, all of it. Don’t rely on that feast you just ate to get you through the weekend, or try to make up for the indulgence in calories by crash dieting.

And give yourself extra immune support. Whether it’s the family chicken soup recipe, or some colloidal silver, anything that helps is always welcome when you don’t feel well.

Finally, if you’re full of mucus, make sure you’re clearing it out, whether with a nice steam, a sinus flood, or however suits you. If it’s carrying the infection, letting it build up can lead to an infection in your ears, lungs, or even eyes. Besides that, it can make sleeping, eating, and just getting on difficult.

Not stocked up? Make sure to order some colloidal silver or a sinus flooding kit.

What’s your best tip for a holiday illness?


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