Fight Cavities Naturally?

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Little GirlAs nano silver is used in more products, it’s natural that toothbrushes would be one to receive an infusion to fight microbes, since bacteria not only causes bad breath and gingivitis, but cavities. Plus, having nano silver in the bristles keeps the tooth brush germ-free, according to the manufacturers!

A new article from Natural News has tips for naturally fighting cavities; it advocates alternatively swishing with natural antibiotics (colloidal silver and oil of oregano) at least once an hour, as well as applying them topically to the area where the cavity is forming. Of course, if there’s no sign of a cavity then brush and floss as normal.

Some cavities can be treated naturally, as human saliva is formulated to naturally replenish lost calcium, so long as the bacterial infection causing the loss is addressed (sugar feeds bacteria, hence the age old advice about too many sweets causing cavities—sweets can be okay as long as you brush your teeth afterward!).

Other cavities require a dentist, especially if they’re painful (an indication that it’s deep enough to hit the nerve). Regular visits to the dentist help keep teeth clean and prevent problems like cavities, although there is a natural-treatment camp which is anti-fluoride, arguing that although fluoride protects healthy teeth, it similarly can prevent unhealthy teeth from naturally righting themselves. Whether or not to use fluoride is a decision that people should make on a personal level, depending on their general history of cavities (not everyone has the same level of calcium-replenishing saliva, there’s a genetic factor).

If you want to help preserve your toothbrush a little longer, you can spray colloidal silver on at home.

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