You don’t have to be sick to have sinus problems. Cold air, a good whiff of allergens, or just fighting off illness (before or after being sick) can be enough. And if you are sick, that runny nose or congestion can get really bad.

Clear it out with a sinus flood. No matter the cause, a sinus flood works to clear mucus in multiple ways: it soaks dry or thick mucus, washes out runny mucus, and delivers targeted immune support with colloidal silver.

What does a sinus flood feel like? Using a sinus bulb, you hang your head upside down and fill each nostril with a mixture of colloidal silver and xylitol. If you mix it right, the xylitol adjusts the pH so it’s comfortable. You can feel each side of your sinus cavity fill, and you know you’ve got it all when you can taste the sweet xylitol a little in your throat.

As you sit for the first sinus flood (you do two an hour apart), be prepared for it to overflow by having a towel underneath and tissue within reach. Your sinus will react by making more mucus, and with a full nose you’ll feel it. You may also feel bubbles as it settles deeper when blockages start to loosen.

Then you do a quick roll to your stomach, and soak the front part of your sinus, which feels similar. When it’s finally time to drain, use the tissue to gently blow, too. Depending on the severity and cause of the mucus, you may not see much mucus until the second soak.

Some will feel immediate relief—still do the second rinse for the benefit of immune support. Others will get that relief after the second soak. It can be relief from pain, pressure, runny mucus, not being able to breathe, or all of it.

Make sure you have a Sinus Flooding Kit on hand before you get sick. You can use it preventatively, or when you need it most.

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