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If you’re making any decisions based on avoiding the flu: beware that flu activity is high and climbing. Some areas are experiencing record high flu activity over the last ten years—and still reporting weekly increases. Be aware of your local flu report and stay on top of immune system support with colloidal silver.

Last year was a unique (still unexplained) double flu season with a different strain showing up after the new year. Now, experts are watching flu trends closely to help keep people informed and out of the hospital. Australia’s flu season—which happens during our summer and predicts our own—was bad, so analysts are already on high alert.

Holiday travel often helps spread the flu, and so far this year is no different. Usually, flu will peak in January, so plan to make immune support part of your New Year’s Resolution!

To help avoid catching the flu, be sure to follow these tips:

Your Surroundings:

-Use warm days for fresh air, especially at work

-Have a thorough cleaning routine

-Run a humidifier to reduce flu transmission

Your Habits:

-Wash hands frequently

-Avoid touching your face

-Sneeze and cough into your elbow

Your Health:

-Stay on top of sleep, nutrition, and exercise for a healthy immune system

-Stay home at the first sign of illness

-Get an immune boost from colloidal silver

Your Knowledge:

-Flu is airborne and a sick person will fill a room with flu germs within a couple of hours

-Don’t let your guard down! You can get the flu more than once

-Staying on top of your health can help you beat the flu faster with fewer symptoms, or even avoid getting sick

-Airplanes are a common source of respiratory illnesses like the flu, so give yourself extra immune support when you travel


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