The Flu Strikes Again


If you’re flu symptoms are getting worse, don’t wait to get help. Some ERs are overflowing with flu patients. A surge in flu has been expected, and hospital reports bring evidence that it may be here. Pediatric cases are up, ERs are full, and more severe cases are being reported. Remember, you can get the flu more than once (thanks to multiple evolving strains) so keep up immune support for at least a few more months with good habits and colloidal silver.

Flu symptoms are recognizable by how strong they come on. While most viruses have similar symptoms (hence why so many diseases are described as “flu-like”), flu is one of the worse by being instant, strong, and super contagious. Sneezing, coughing, aches, weakness, fatigue, and fever are all main flu symptoms (vomiting can be a symptom, but as a primary symptom is more likely related to Norovirus aka stomach flu).

Like other viruses, treatment for the flu comes down to good self care—resting and drinking lots of clear liquids. And if you’re able to, eat (it’s bacterial illness that the old adage has you “starve”). While basic flu symptoms could land you in the hospital if you get a bad case or have a weakened immune system, it’s complications that are more dangerous. For up to a month after having the flu, you’re at an increased risk for heart attack, for instance.

While a general surge is expected right now, part of the contribution to pediatric flu cases this year is a poor match between flu shot and circulating strain. Each generation reacts to different flu strains differently based on which variations they were first/most exposed to during childhood, which is why some years it’s a generation that should be in peak health (age wise) that’s hit the worst.

Flu can last until June, so keep up good health practices like supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.


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