Woman with inhaling maskIt may not have been a busy flu season full of hospitalizations and death, but that’s good! The only bad thing is that having such a mild flu season means it’s lasted a lot longer.

In fact, it’s just now in late April winding down. If you’ve loosened up on handwashing, humidifier running, or immune system support, tighten it back up! Don’t get caught with your guard down for a last minute infection.

Influenza hits hard and fast, and causes a cough, aches, and fever. (By comparison, a cold can creep up and linger, and isn’t usually as severe). Get hit with it, and you’ll be suffering inside while spring hits outside, and you’ll miss those warm days, spring blooms, and perfect temperature hikes!

To reduce the risk of catching flu, keep it humid. A tea kettle, some boiling water (you can even throw some lemon or other scents in), or a humidifier help stop transmission. So does handwashing, sneezing/coughing into your elbow, and a little cleaning. If you get it, rest up. Heading out is a great way to spread it, and potentially make your own symptoms worse.

If you want to go a step further with self-care, make sure you have plenty of colloidal silver on hand (and maybe even a nebulizer to help fight that cough!).

With flu season just now winding down, it could last another month or two. Years like this, flu season could linger until June. If you take a vacation in the spring, make sure to double up your immune support. (And then of course watch out for the fact that influenza will be overlapping with summer stomach flu illnesses like Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella).

Have you had a late season cold or flu? Share your experiences in the comments:


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