I think everyone just wants flu season to be over. I’ve talked to people who have been sick at least once per month since October, people who keep trading illness back and forth with their spouses, and people who “never get sick” but have fought against influenza at least once this year, or else have gotten knocked down by Norovirus.

So everyone keeps reporting the flu season has peaked, or is peaking, or the worst is over—we’ve even picked that headline up a few times. If only it were true! In reality, many counties are reporting that flu numbers are increasing.

Here’s what makes that a little worse than it sounds (but manageable): most of the flu cases reported are the severe ones. The very young, the old, and those with weakened immune systems tend to get hit harder by the flu, and report to their doctor or even the hospital. Unmeasured (especially in mild flu years) are the number of cases of otherwise healthy people catching the flu (some news data will estimate this, smaller publications don’t seem to as often).

Most people understand that for average flu symptoms (as horrible as they are) the only thing to do is to stay home, rest, and take in as many fluids (and nutrients) as you can. Unless you need a doctor note for work, spike a high fever, or can’t keep down fluids, you’re better off with an extra nap (thankfully nurse hotlines are helping people with common viruses start taking care of themselves sooner than later!).

There’s one more thing you can do to care for yourself: support your immune system with colloidal silver. If you don’t already have some at home to use, now’s the time to order a couple of bottles. When flu season continues into spring and pollen hits the air, head colds, sinus infections, and other germs spread quickly. (Even if you don’t have allergies your congested coworker might be incubating something for you!).

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