Normally flu is on the way out by March—but not this year. The flu is still—officially—widespread across 44 states. The forecast is that it will last at least a few more weeks, well into April, and that this new surge of H3N2 will be hard on seniors (as it has traditionally been). While clinic visits peaked in February, hospitalizations are going up.

Stay prepared for dealing with the flu. First, be prepared by taking care of yourself. Don’t miss out on sleep, a healthy meal, or some time to destress. Keep supporting yourself with daily multivitamins, exercise, and colloidal silver. Keep sick supplies on hand, like a nebulizer, sinus flooding kit, tissues, large water bottles (so you can stay hydrated with fewer trips to refill), and any other comfort items.

Take care to avoid the flu. While flu is widespread, avoid crowds as much as possible, and stay home if you do get sick to help avoid spreading the flu. Humidity can help to decrease household flu transmission.

If you’re traveling around the US, check the forecast for flu, and pack extra supplies if you’re headed into a flu outbreak. Remember that you can catch the flu more than once, and that if there’s flu, there’s likely other winter viral illness like colds, RSV, etc.

Rest, fluids, and immune support (like colloidal silver) are key to getting better if you catch the flu. You can help relieve symptoms like congestion with a sinus flooding kit, and ease coughs with a nebulizer. Make sure you have everything you could need before you come into contact with the flu.

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