It’s March, but there’s no end in sight to flu season. Experts are predicting that we haven’t seen the peak yet as flu continues to ramp up week after week. Some cities are just now getting their seasonal flu outbreaks and seeing patients swarm into clinics. Keep up on immune support and flu prevention for the next few months with colloidal silver.

While you can’t guarantee that you’ll avoid the flu, prevention is in your hands, literally. Hand washing is super effective at reducing flu exposure. Avoiding sick people is the next step, although harder. Even if you cover your mouth, germs can spread and fill a room anyway, so being around a sneezing or coughing person can still spread illness.

To reduce airborne transmission, keep humidity up. Humidity decreased flu transmission. Then layer in some immune support—at the first sign of flu symptoms, get more immune support from colloidal silver (pair it with a nebulizer for direct support).

Flu symptoms come on fast and hard, but check the list of most respiratory viral illnesses (but are more severe): fever, aches, congestion, coughing, chest pain, and overwhelming malaise. If flu comes to your city, be prepared with protein rich snacks, water bottles, heating pads, and anything else that comforts you. And don’t forget to make sure you’re stocked up on immune supporting colloidal silver.

With colloidal silver, a nebulizer, and a sinus flooding kit, you can support your body against pathogens like the flu, and help reduce symptoms. Make sure you have enough or your whole household, and take some with you when you travel.

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