Matching predictions, this is turning out to be a severe flu season. The same virulent strains that gave Australia a severe flu season are spreading in the Northern Hemisphere, and a mutation during production of the flu vaccine has left it nearly worthless at stopping them. In Arizona, flu cases are up 758% compared to last year, and other parts of the country are making similar reports with an increase in flu-related hospitalizations. On top of that, flu season started early (September/October), and no one is predicting that it’s peaked. Since flu season can last as long as June, and you can get the flu more than once, staying on top of flu prevention is especially important this year. Make sure that you’re stocked up on immune supporting colloidal silver!

Normally the flu shot is touted as the best possible prevention against the flu. One of the benefits is that even if you get the flu, symptoms are less severe. That’s especially important for those with weakened immune systems, like children and senior citizens, who are more prone to severe flu symptoms and a risk of hospitalizations. This year the flu shot is only about 10% effective—and that efficacy is based on healthy 20-30 somethings, not people with weakened immune systems (that aren’t as good as “learning” what the vaccines are “teaching” the immune system).

So here are better ways to stay prepared against the flu. Start with hand washing. Proper hand-washing can prevent over 90% of illnesses, basically anything that isn’t airborne. Even when the flu shot is spot on, it’s only somewhere around 60% effective, making hand washing a better choice for all times of the year. (And when hospitals make policies to enforce hand washing among staff, hospital acquired infections drop significantly, too).

Airborne flu transmission can be slowed by keeping air humid. (And of course, anyone with flu-like symptoms should stay home and rest). Even if you don’t think you’re sick-sick, always cough and sneeze into your elbow.

You can always support your immune system by taking colloidal silver daily. A little colloidal silver support may help boost the immune system against flu and other illness. You can also use colloidal silver for a better sinus rinse or flood, skin support, and more.

Have you noticed more flu than usual in your city? Tell us what’s going on in the comments:


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