Woman With Dogs IN Tall GrassIt’s uncommon, but it’s a growing problem. Dogs can get Lyme Disease, too. And vets are saying they’ve never seen so many cases, or so early.

Just like humans, dogs get Lyme Disease from ticks that carry the illness. Although the northeast is the biggest spot in the US for Lyme Disease, like other pest borne illnesses, the area where you can get it grows bigger every year.

If you’re in a high-risk area, you can get a Lyme Disease vaccine for your dogs. If you just want to be proactive and play it safe, here’s what to do:

-Check dogs for ticks frequently (because it may not be reasonable to check them after every trip outside, try and do it once a day, and after hikes/trips into tall grass).

-Get dogs their summer haircuts—shorter hair will make it easier to see ticks!

-If you find a tick, only remove it if you know how (your vet might recommend a tool to have at home). Then bring both dog and tick to the vet for testing.

-Don’t approach wildlife, or encourage them to come into your yard. Deer and other animals can carry ticks, which can jump to your pets (And to you! Another reason to check dogs regularly).

-Be VERY proactive! Because your dog’s best chance is for you to catch it early, and from a tick bite. Even humans have a hard time pinpointing the symptoms of Lyme Disease, and dogs can’t talk! For humans, long-term untreated Lyme Disease can lead to organ and joint damage from the chronic inflammation. For dogs, it’s much more serious. Even a young, otherwise healthy dog can die from untreated Lyme Disease.

-Keep in mind: if you take a pet on a cross country trip this summer, mention it to your vet. Maybe you live somewhere without Lyme Disease—not many dogs travel, so your vet might not jump to that conclusion and think to ask!

-And give pets support: a few drops of colloidal silver in their water bowls can support their immune systems, just like it supports yours!

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