Hiking AdventureThis summer has been hot. That means lots of good weather for adventures, and lots of sweat. It’s time to freshen up your shoes and linen with Smelly Shoe Spray—after all, smells are often the center of memories. Don’t let your memories by defined by something stinky!

What is Smelly Shoe Spray? It’s really simple, actually—it’s colloidal silver (pure, non-iodized nanoparticles of silver suspended in water) and peppermint essential oil (with some isopropyl alcohol because you can’t mix oil and water). It’s a combination that fights off the pathogens that cause odor while providing an immediate burst of freshness that masks smells without lingering too long or aggressively.

How do you use Smelly Shoe Spray? Start by making sure there’s nothing you’re allergic to. With only four ingredients, that’s a lot less likely than with other problems. Other than allergies, Smelly Shoe Spray is safe for pets and people. All you have to do is give things a spritz.

-Handle the obvious first: get all those sweat soaked shoes a little fresher by spraying the insides with Smelly Shoe Spray. Not only will it fight the accumulated germs and odor, you can use it proactively, too, to keep shoes a little fresher on that long walk.

-Your laundry hamper has probably been working overtime this summer holding all your sweaty clothes. Keep your hamper, and the room it’s in fresher by spritzing the bottom the next time you’re doing laundry (or spritz the top of the laundry pile if you’re not getting it down right away).

-Tackle your pet linens. If you bring your furry friends with you on outdoor adventures (or have just been getting afternoon rains and mud like we have) fight back the wet-dog smell by using Smelly Shoe Spray there, too. It’s especially great on surfaces you can’t throw into the wash.

-Take it on the road with you. It’s hot out. Even with the AC running, those car trips will get ripe, fast. Make your trip more pleasurable and keep everyone a little happier by keeping odor away!

-Pack one away in your gym bag. After all, that’s one of the places you can benefit the most from some odor-fighting power. (And if you need help with your muscles after the gym, pick up some Dakota Muscle Relief, too. It also has a peppermint smell that quickly dissipates, so much better than the smell of alternatives and it doesn’t even last that long, so others won’t be offended!).

If you don’t already have Smelly Shoe Spray on hand, order one or two (for home, car, or gym bag).

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Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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