Last year ACS Nano published a study entitled “Characterization of Antiplatelet Properties of Silver Nanoparticles”. Its findings were that silver nanoparticles get into the blood stream and interfere with platelets ability to form a blood clot, all without causing harm.

This is great news for those with a family history of thrombosis, those on a medication that increases the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis, and those who already have a blood clot and need to be extra cautious about preventing future ones. It’s also optimistic for those who currently take warfarin, an anticoagulant that many natural herbs (including things you might eat) interact with and often amplify, leaving the user at risk for excessive bleeding. Colloidal silver has no drug interactions.

Thrombosis can be caused by a genetic predisposition, injury to blood vessels, sedentary behavior, being overweight, an autoimmune disorder, and other diseases, such as cancer.

Symptoms of thrombosis rarely present, but can include pain and/or swelling. Signs of thrombosis are a great reason to seek immediate medical attention, because of possible complications.

Thrombosis may embolize (break off, float through the blood stream, and infect another area, particularly the lungs, which is called a pulmonary embolism) when an infection is present. Colloidal Silver naturally combats bacteria and viruses, and may prevent this, adding further protection.

Other natural ways to prevent thrombosis include making sure to move (especially during periods of traveling, or while working at a desk) or by wearing special constrictive stockings (for leg thrombosis).


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