Tips For Halloween Health & Safety



Trick-Or-TreatWhether you’re an adult attending a party or a kid trick-or-treating, it’s important to stay safe on Halloween, a holiday that offers a lot of opportunity for trouble. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • If you live somewhere cold, try and incorporate warmth into your costume—a wig, hat, long sleeves or pants. If not, try and wear something a coat can fit over.
  • Halloween contact lenses have become increasingly popular, but if you don’t order through an eye doctor you’re at risk for infection. Limit how long you wear them, and take them out if they irritate your eyes, cause redness, or discolored/crusty tears.


  • Most Halloween candy is bad for you—besides the sugar content, corn syrup, which is pesticide laden (and a GM product) is the primary ingredient. Trans fat, other preservatives, and artificial ingredients also abound. It’s ok to indulge, just pick your favorites and share or give away anything that isn’t really a treat.
  • While there’s never been a real case of tampered candy, it’s still a good idea to check the haul before tearing into it, the idea to do it is out there, after all.
  • Watch out for recalls—with tons of candy being produced for the holiday, make sure to call the manufacturer if anything tastes off.

Going Out

  • It’s a good idea to wash hands after trick-or-treating or attending a party—it is cold and flu season, after all! And don’t forget to wash off all that Halloween make-up. Besides clogging pores, you can’t be sure what makes it into the cheaper brands.
  • Watch out for pranks—an over-eager employee at a haunted house, a forked yard, etc. can create problems.

Immune System

  • Consider strengthening your immune system for the holiday with MesoSilver colloidal silver. A late night, indulging in poor nutrition, staying out in cold weather—you don’t want a cold or the flu going into November!

What are your Halloween safety tips (or concerns)?


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