The hard part about this time of year is that allergy season and cold season overlap for a little while. So when your nose is running and you feel a little under the weather, you might find yourself wondering—is it a cold, or just allergies?

One thing to do right away is to alleviate symptoms. With a sinus flood, you can clear out mucus and relieve sinus pain and sinus pressure, as well as speed recovery. With a clear nose, you can sleep, work, or just get on with life. (And that “under the weather” feeling is your immune system powering on, so make sure to support it with colloidal silver).

So, is it a cold, or is it allergies?

Both can cause congestion, watery eyes, and even a sore throat. But the biggest difference is that if you have a cold, you’re more likely to feel it in your entire body (body aches), and to have a fever. It’s also more likely to have consistent symptoms, whereas allergies will come and go with exposure (which can be in or out of the home).

Allergies are more likely to stick to your eyes and nose, and to cause itchiness. Although both can cause coughing and sneezing, you might be able to feel a difference if you tune in—allergies trigger what feels more like random sneezes, and coughs caused by an itch in your throat. Colds cause coughing and sneezing that you feel through your whole body, and has a lingering malaise to it—you know you could go off again at any moment (or it’s more constant).

And here’s one thing to watch out for: whether it’s a cold or allergies, both can develop into sinus infections. Just another reason to clear out mucus with a sinus flood. Warm, damp sinuses can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, or worse, a fungal infection. And that mucus can spread the infection to your lower respiratory system (lungs) if it drips down your throat, or cause pink eye if mucus is overflowing through your tear ducts. Don’t let it fester—soak and remove it using colloidal silver in a sinus flood.

Have colds started where you live?


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