It was a mild winter, so ticks (and mosquitoes) are in abundance. Not just ticks, but the mice and deer that spread them are booming. In past years, ticks carrying Lyme Disease reached over half of US counties, this year will likely push that percentage higher.

For some, it can take a month or two after a tick bite to catch Lyme Disease symptoms. Most people don’t get the telltale bullseye rash associated with Lyme Disease. Mild fever, fatigue, and joint pain that are unexplained and linger for months can indicate Lyme Disease, and are reason for a doctor visit.

Unfortunately, not all doctors are aware of Lyme Disease having spread to their area. Some won’t see the symptoms of Lyme Disease and jump to the right conclusion. Doing tick checks after time outdoors is really important, first, because finding a tick bite can help you lead your doctor to the right diagnosis, and second, because it makes you aware of the risk for Lyme Disease and can lead to a quicker diagnosis and recovery.

To remove a tick, use fine point pliers to delicately pull it out, keeping the head intact. Don’t scare a tick with fire, by covering it with oil, or other “natural”/cheat remedies that actually cause it to panic and increase the risk of Lyme Disease spreading. Just pull it out, and if you can, preserve it in an escape proof container in the freezer in case you need to bring it in for testing.

Lyme Disease is traditionally associated with the NorthEast, but it’s spreading West. Beyond Lyme Disease, similar diseases and other tickborne illness pop up all over the midwest, west, and northwest. If there are ticks, assume there’s some sort of illness. Outdoor enthusiasts from coast to coast need to make sure they regularly check for ticks.

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