Keep Sinuses Clear This Fall


Autumn LeavesHave you had any allergies this summer? Summer can bring on a lot of sinus infections, between pool water, allergies, and travel. But fall can be just as bad—dead leaves cause a whole new wave of allergies, and changing weather (and increased amount of viruses in the air as cold and flu season starts) means your sinuses still need extra care.

First, prevention! Take time to frequently tend your yard—get rid of dead leaves and other rotting vegetation. Clear out weeds (be careful of anything that looks like it might release pollen/spores). If you have really bad allergies, fall might be a good time to reconsider which plants you have growing in your yard.

As summer ends it’s also a good time to do a half yearly cleaning—vacuum/replace your filters, dust in the hard to reach places, and so on.

And give yourself some prevention: if you have a tendency to get sinus infections, or are just really congested with allergies, do a daily sinus rinse. You can use a neti pot, bulb, or improvise (try something with a spout, or I’ve even done it with one of our bottle caps).

Don’t use tap water when doing a sinus rinse, however. There’s a small risk that parasites and other pathogens could get in (I’m sure you’ve seen them in the news this summer—don’t give them a backstage pass to your brain by putting them up your nose). Instead, use purified water or, better yet, an antimicrobial like colloidal silver.

You can make the sinus rinse easier on your nose by adding a bit of salt or sweetener to correct the pH level. If you aren’t sure how much—just check our handy sinus flooding guide. Even better, get one of our kits so you have all the supplies you need.

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