Dry air, moldy leaves, cold, flu, or chronic sinus problems—at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to hear sniffling, blowing, and throat clearing everywhere you go. If you’re suffering from congestion (even if it’s in the form of someone else’s snoring keeping you up at night) get it cleared out with our Sinus Flooding Kit.

Why is the Sinus Flooding Kit better than nose blowing?

Blowing your nose is convenient—almost everywhere you go has tissues. But properly doing a sinus flood is not only gentler (many doctors recommend against blowing), but can last longer. You’re not just gently removing mucus, you’re delivering immune support with colloidal silver.

Why do a Sinus Flood instead of a Sinus Rinse?

You might know about neti pots, which send a stream of water up one nostril and out the other. It’s quick, useful, and better than nose blowing—but it’s not better than a sinus flood. Make the time for a sinus flood anytime you think you’re getting sick, if deal with chronic sinus issues, or are so congested you can’t even get a stream of water through. A sinus flood does two important things a quick rinse with a neti pot won’t: first, it gets everywhere, seeping into all the crannies of the sinuses, front and back. The extra time a sinus flood takes (and it’s still not that long) is time for liquid to seep behind the mucus to loosen it up. Second, that soaking means that it does a better job of removing severe congestion.

Go deeper and more thorough and remove more mucus with a sinus flood.

Why our Sinus Flooding Kit?

It’s not safe to put tap water straight up your nose—you need to use purified water. Our Sinus Flooding Kit gives you everything you need (including instructions), and skips the safety concerns of water with immune support colloidal silver. So it’s safer, and adds the benefit of direct immune support.

Don’t let congestion impact your day, your night, or your fun fall activities. Clear it all out with our Sinus Flooding Kit—make sure everyone in your house has their own!

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