Keep Your Pets Healthy And Happy This Summer


Dog HikeWhether you’re taking them on a trip, hiking, camping, or just leaving them in the yard, make sure to keep your pets healthy during the hot summer months.

In The Yard:

Pets need access to clean, cool water, especially on hot summer days. Make sure the dish is big enough to accommodate all your pets for however long you’ll be gone. You may even consider setting up a kids blow-up pool if you have a breed that doesn’t do as well in the heat.

Make sure to empty it all out come evening so you don’t attract bugs—even pets can get bit. If you don’t bring your pets inside at night, change their water again.

If you want to keep their water a bit more fresh (and help support your pets’ immune systems against diseases) add a drop or two of colloidal silver to their water bowl.

Hiking And Camping:

In most of the US, both you and your pets will need a tick check if you’re spending time in nature. Lyme Disease is mostly in the east, but ticks in the west aren’t exactly disease free.

You may also enjoy taking steps to keep your car and pet bed clean smelling. Just give anywhere your muddy dog will sleep a spritz of Smelly Shoe Spray, which combines the power of nice smelling peppermint with germ fighting colloidal silver. (And you can use it on your hiking boots, too!)


Beware that cement might get too hot for paws (or even sand at the beach). Choose routes for your pets where they can walk through grass to avoid blistering their paws.

And: be up on your breed type. Some pets need sunscreen or they can burn!

If your pet does get burned, you can give them the same traditional treatment humans have used for hundreds of years: colloidal silver.

What are your summer pet plans?


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