2016 came very close to an Ebola pandemic. Ebola is hard to treat, deadly, and incredibly contagious—often, for every patient 1-2 doctors were catching the illness, never mind the spread before the patient was contained in a medical facility!

Although it mostly disappeared from the headlines as the thread of a global pandemic dissipated, Ebola hasn’t disappeared. Ebola lives in the animals (bats and monkeys) of the congo, which also happen to be a traditional and handy source of food for the people who live nearby (it’s also spread by bites). Small outbreaks have continued since the larger multi-country 2016 Ebola outbreak, but with everyone already on alert, they’ve been quickly contained.

A new outbreak threatens to disrupt that. Located in a war zone, near several borders and large cities, the current Ebola outbreak is one wrong move away from another large outbreak potential pandemic. The good news is that vigilance from several governments, WHO, and other aid agencies is keeping it in check (for now) and the same things that make it a risk for a larger outbreak make it easier to get supplies in to quarantine and prevent the spread of Ebola. The biggest risk factor is keeping track of people, many of whom are displaced by fighting and other problems.

The continued threat of tropical diseases like Ebola is a reminder to stay vigilant and prepared when you’re traveling—you don’t know what you’re getting on a plane with (and even a mundane domestic flight leaves you with a 1 in 4 chance of developing a respiratory infection within the next week!).

Make sure that you’re always supporting your immune system—especially when you travel—with colloidal silver. Daily immune support (like colloidal silver) in conjunction with other good habits is the best way to be prepared for the unexpected!

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