For the average person living in a first world country, staying healthy should be as simple as following the basics like eating healthfully, exercising, sleeping, and avoiding stress. Unfortunately, life can be a little random. Humans make mistakes. Nature does something unexpected. You’re at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

One way to get caught up in an unexpected health problem is to be in the center of an outbreak. For example, right now there’s an outbreak of cyclospora (a single-celled parasite that causes diarrhea and other intestinal symptoms) in Texas. Spread via the fecal-oral route, it shouldn’t be a problem in a country with clean running water, plenty of access to soap, and wide-spread, basic education on health issues like handwashing—but here we are.

How do you avoid getting caught up in random health issues?

There are two-steps. First, make sure you are always supporting your immune system, since you never know when you’ll be exposed to something you have to fight off. Second, if you’re worried about infection, avoid higher risk choices.

There are lots of ways to support your immune system. It can be as simple as a good night’s sleep and a balanced breakfast, making sure you are supporting your good digestive bacteria (especially important since food can be a primary means of exposure!) or taking supplements like immune supporting colloidal silver.

While some high-risk activities seem obvious (drinking can temporarily weaken your immune system, as can not sleeping), simple things like choosing the pre-cut fruit or vegetable trays can also be high risk. (In fact, pre-cut veggie trays are the source of the cyclospora outbreak).

Balancing supporting your immune system with the activities you choose is a personal choice. Airplane travel can weaken your immune system and expose you to germs, so it’s a good time for extra immune support. You might need less immune support if you’re focusing on healthy choices and healthy habits (but still some to account for the unexpected).

Colloidal Silver is an easy way to make sure you’re getting immune support each day, even if you miss some of the basics (like when you have a cheat meal, don’t sleep well, or face unexpected stress). Make sure you have enough colloidal silver for each day!

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