Lyme disease (and tick borne illness in general) aren’t discussed in proportion to how many people will fall ill this year (and by that measure, underfunded, too). With the difficulty getting diagnosed, and sometimes the difficulty treating symptoms (and even the more than occasional chronic case), Lyme Disease could use a lot more attention.

In particular, attention of the useful variety. Probably everyone has heard of a folk remedy for removing ticks, and with the internet, you probably have websites using folk tick-removal remedies advertising to you. But that’s just click-bait. Smothering, scented oils, fire, and other tricks only increase your risk for tick borne illness by creating opportunities for ticks to release them (for example, smothering and waiting a tick out gives it time, and some removal methods are more likely to crush or tear it).

The goal of tick removal is to be quick (do it after each outing) and clean. The CDC recommends using clean fine tipped tweezers to pull straight up and out. (And don’t forget to check your pets!)

If you find a tick, either dispose of it without crushing it, or bring it in to get tested for Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease and similar tick-borne illnesses are spreading to more counties each year. Make sure to wear long pants and sleeves when you’re out in long grass, and keep your yard tick free by keeping grass short and creating a barrier between your yard and nature.

Forget the image of the bull’s eye rash. Lyme disease has a range of symptoms including joint pain and fatigue, and the severity varies based on factors like immune system strength (the young, old, and pregnant are most at risk). It can knock you out or linger for months.

Make sure to keep your immune system supported with colloidal silver. You can give a little to your pets, too. And it’s especially helpful with outdoor pets, too who have a lot of things they can be exposed to,

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