Make Sure Your Pets Don’t Get You Sick


Lyme disease, flu, salmonella; pets can be a path for serious illness to get into your family. With some good habits and prevention, pets can be a rewarding support and comfort in your life. But it might still be worth some extra immune support from colloidal silver.

Dogs and (often) cats love the outdoors, but they’re the perfect carriers for ticks. Long grass, wild animals (from mice and voles to the occasional deer) and other risks that might make it into your yard up the chances that the next time you let your dog out, they may bring a tick back inside. Ideally, during tick season, cats and dogs would get a tick check each time they came inside. But it’s not practical, so tighten up tick prevention around your yard: barriers between long and manicured grasses, nowhere appealing for small mammals, etc. And since Lyme Disease can impact them, too, consider offering a few drops of immune supporting colloidal silver in their water bowl.

Birds, especially hobby chicken flocks, are at risk for bird flu and other bacterial diseases, like Salmonella. Prevention starts with keeping wild birds who transmit bird flu away from your own birds, and reporting any odd acting wild birds. Monitoring your own flock (at risk of culling) can help stop transmission, too. And to protect yourself, avoid treating chickens like pet dogs with hugs, kisses, and dress up, which has been the source of many otherwise rare infections the past few years.

Fish can also be a source of infection. Never clean tanks if you have a cut on your hand, or if you have a weakened immune system. Bacteria, fungus, and other germs can cause rapid, serious infections.

Finally, turtles are in the headlines for spreading salmonella. If you have a pet turtle, the current recommendation is to handle them minimally, and to wash your hands after any contact with them or their tank.

All pet owners should make sure they have some immune support from colloidal silver, just in case.

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