Across the country several measles outbreaks are continuing to grow, some of which are now the largest in modern history. Measles is back, and here’s what you need to know.

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If you got the measles vaccine as a child (AKA the MMR) odds are you’re good to go. The measles vaccination is one of the best at 97% effective. Those most likely to be in the 3% where the vaccine didn’t take may have been having a bad day (immune system wise), or may have had a weakened immune system (chronic health issues like diabetes, asthma, or nutritional, sleep, or stress issues may cause problems).

A few people may have developed problems with their immune system since then. You can pay to have your immunity to various diseases checked, or you can get booster shots. If you’re battling chronic health problems, make sure to layer in additional immune support to your care routine with colloidal silver.

If you weren’t vaccinated, you’re no longer protected by herd immunity. As the measles outbreaks spread, the risk of coming into contact with measles grows. People with weakened immune systems are at greater risk for complications. Measles symptoms include muscle pain/general malaise, a spotty rash all over, fever, runny nose, a sore throat, and eye inflammation.

If you’re worried about measles, watch the news (or set up a keyword alert for yourself) for possible measles exposure (they publish names of restaurants and other locations where known infected people visit). If you suspect you may have measles, call your doctor before heading in.

With more viruses in circulation than previous decades, immune support is moreimportant than ever. Make sure to keep plenty of colloidal silver on hand.

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