Jantar Mantar Observatory, Jaipur, India. UNESCO World Heritage Site


Nano silver particles are a fraction of a meter small, making them capable of crossing the blood brain barrier. Silver itself has also been documented to fight hundreds of microbes in vitro, from common causes of illness like Salmonella and E. Coli, to harder to treat viruses like H.I.V. and Hepatitis C.These two factors together, the minuscule size of nano silver and the power to fight all sorts of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens are leading scientists to come up with new cures for diseases.In India, Dr. Sironmanithinks she’s discovered a possible cure for late stage rabies based on the use of silver nano particles. Traditional treatments can only cure rabies if it’s caught very early (ideally as soon as a potential rabies-infected bite has occurred), with successful treatment becoming increasingly difficult as it penetrates the brain.Nano silver, however, could change that.

The combination of tiny particles and germ-busting power may prove effective in overcoming the blood brain barrier to kill rabies, if Dr. Sironmani can get approval for human testing (the patients would all be without other hope for curing their rabies).She came up with the idea of using nano silver particles based on past work with silver. According to Dr. Sironmani:

“I have worked with the silver nano particles which have the potential to control 750 different microbes, attaching them and multi targeting, which makes it difficult for the microbes to develop resistance to it.”

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