Older Woman rubbing sinusesIf you’re forgetting about your nebulizer during the warm summer months, you’re not getting the most out of it and missing out on some key immune support. For most people, their guard is down during summer, and they’re not prepared for sudden exposure to illness. Almost everyone suffers from some degree of allergies (regionally, we call a random burst of allergies in someone who doesn’t normally have them hay fever). On high allergen days, people who don’t normally sniffle can find themselves congested, blasting out the occasional eye-watering sneeze, or adjusting their throat in discomfort. They’re small symptoms, but if you’re in-tune with your health (or in a demanding, high performance job) those small symptoms can knock you down, or crack the door for worse problems. In the moment, remove yourself from whatever you think triggered the allergy (the air conditioner just kicked on? A breeze blew some pollen your way? Dust kicked up?). If you need to keep on going, make sure you have a sinus flooding kit on hand to remove the mucus (anyone who’s on the phone a lot, presenting in meetings, or meeting with clients should keep one “up their sleeve” for sudden congestion). Then, find some time later to sit down with your nebulizer. Even if you’ve cleared the congestion, remember that congestion allows pathogens to build up.
Other summer events that you should consider cause for extra immune support delivered directly to your respiratory system: Even though it’s not cold and flu season, sudden downpours happen. You’re in your summer clothes, when suddenly the weather is cold, and wet, and you’re waiting it out, crammed in with a bunch of other people, and one of them might be sick. Summer is also a season of travel, of that nasty recirculated plane air and exposure to new germs in new places. Make sure you can regroup with colloidal silver immune support, and a nebulizer to target support to your respiratory system. (Never use tap water in a nebulizer. Colloidal silver is safe and ready to use). Make sure you have a nebulizer and some colloidal silver on hand, then share your summer respiratory triggers in the comments:

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