Travelling? You NEED This In Your Carry-On


Inside An AirplaneNew research aims to pinpoint EXACTLY how dirty airplanes are. There’s good news and bad news, but the end result is this: don’t get on board without having taken some extra immune support, and with some wet wipes on hand.

The good news: the airplanes tested didn’t have super-infectious bacteria, like e. coli. Although it’s worth pointing out, that all changes when someone covered in germs or otherwise sick gets on the flight before yours… because…

The bad news is there are some REALLY bacteria covered spots on airplanes. Almost 200 times more germy than your cell phone, which you may already know as the dirtiest thing you own (dirtier, even, than your toilet). Four spots top the list: tray tables, seat belts, flush buttons, and air vents.

No surprise if you’ve ever come across a picture from Passenger Shaming—bare feet are a big no-no, and a great way to spread germs. Really, you’re only supposed to put books, laptops, food, and similar on tray tables. But people use them to change baby diapers, rest their bare feet, and I don’t dare to think what else. (ProTip: wear comfortable shoes on flights, and instead of airing out your feet, treat the inside of your shoes with Smelly Shoe Spray so things are a bit more fresh when you finally hit your destination).

I can easily imagine all the little spots that don’t get cleaned between flights. But again, that really only becomes a problem when someone with an infectious disease get onboard, or for someone with a weak immune system (I certainly know people who get sick every time they travel).

Want to feel better about air travel? Don’t travel without extra immune support, like colloidal silver (take it before you leave, pack it in your checked bag to accommodate liquid restrictions, take some more when you arrive). Bring wet wipes with you to wipe down the tray table (or it might be more effective to wipe your hands). And of course, wash your hands when you arrive.

What are your best travel tips?


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