Scientists have been looming it over us for years: the next great flu pandemic. How likely is it, and when will it happen?

First, let’s lay out some good news: there’s a lot of people watching what’s happening, and working toward solutions from different angles (including a universal vaccine).

The bad news? Both viruses like the flu and bacteria like e. coli are getting stronger and harder to fight this year. 2017 is the year where antibiotics are failing, and could it also be the year where flu develops into something worse?

Experts are watching for different flu viruses to share their genes, and mutate to something with stronger symptoms that’s airborne. For example, bird flu picking up genes to be airborne. Or just the strongest flu viruses swapping genes so our immune systems aren’t prepared for them.

Those fears may be coming to reality as H7N9 (bird flu) hits China for a fifth year, and scientists are observing lab results where it might be airborne between ferrets (mammals). The plan of attack is to formulate flu vaccines against a possible future strain in humans.

But an outbreak probably won’t happen during flu season. Looking at historical flu pandemics, they’re most likely to happen during spring summer, when our immune systems aren’t prepared (basically).

While scientists try and predict the next great pandemic, all you have to do is stay prepared year round. Help support your immune system with colloidal silver, and follow good flu season prevention protocols like frequent hand washing, keeping things humid, and staying home when sick.

How do you think the flu season is going?


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