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Just like the weather, flu season is hard to predict before it hits. American flu season is predicted heavily off of what happens in Australia, as we tend to get whatever they get first. Now that we’re about to transition from Australian to American flu season, the warnings are out: be prepared for a likely early flu season! You can prepare by stocking up on colloidal silver

Flu season hit Australia fast and hard. Striking two months early meant that those with the weakest immune systems were the most affected, leading to more cases of severe flu symptoms. While we should all be stocked up for the flu (soups ready to go, sick days saved up, and immune-supporting colloidal silver on hand), people with weakened immune systems need to be the most prepared. 

Long Flu Season

Last flu season was extra long because it was really two flu seasons squished together. We had one surge of a virus matching the vaccine, and a lull with a second, unpredicted virus the vaccines weren’t ready for. Analysts are still unsure why that happened, and there’s not enough data to predict whether it could happen again this flu season. 

It’s hard to avoid the flu unless everyone who’s sick stays home; it takes something like 20 minutes for coughs and sneezes to saturate a room with germs. But we can be prepared: keeping our immune system strong helps us stand up to the flu and minimize flu symptoms. Eating more veggies and less sugar, sleeping, reducing stressors, and supporting our immune systems with colloidal silver can help us meet the flu from a stronger, healthier position so our bodies can minimize flu symptoms. 

So prepare today for a flu season that could start very soon. Stock up on colloidal silver as well as tools to get more out of it like a Sinus Flooding Kit and Nebulizer.


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